Embracing Industry 4.0 

The rise of new digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0 driven PC Group of Companies aims to future-proof businesses with leading-edge technology. Laying the foundations for a more digital connected world through data, devices, infrastructure and innovative solutions and armed with more than three decades of experience in the fields of Process Control Instrumentation, SCADA and Telemetry Systems, we help businesses to enhance their operational efficiency and productivity. In doing so, we have emerged as a trusted provider of Manufaturing Intelligence solutions, driving industrial performance and operational excellence.


To be the leading solution provider for Industry 4.0


  • Establishing strategic partnerships with our customers by leveraging on the expertise of all parties involved, providing innovative solutions and added value to enhance our partner’s competitive edge in their respective industries in this technologically-advanced age.
  • Providing superior quality service and employing state-of-the-art technology solutions to enhance our customers’ productivity and profitability.
  • Cultivating a healthy and conducive work environment with emphasis on our employees’ career and personal development and growth.

Our Story

The PC Group of Companies has been actively involved in the field of Process Control Instrumentation, SCADA and Telemetry Systems since 1985. We have long employed cutting edge technology and offer superior quality services that continue to be internationally recognised by national standards bodies and various ISO certifications.

As we transition the family business to the second generation, our continued dedication to quality assurance, technological innovation and operational excellence has enabled us to lead the way forward. We are creating a more connected world and equipping organisation for Industry 4.0.

Commitment To Providing
Unparalleled Quality

At the PC Group of Companies, we believe that quality speaks for itself. We are recognised by international bodies. All our solutions are certified with ISO9001 Quality Assurance, a testament to the quality of our solution offering. We continuously focus our R&D efforts on helping businesses optimise efficiency and unleash their full potential.

Why work with

We continue to leverage our vast experience in Industry 4.0, Process Control, Factory Automation & Digital Transformation to help  businesses achieve best-in-class performance and operational excellence. We do this by providing solutions and services in areas such as:

  • Manufacturing Operations Management
  • Advance Data Analytics
  • Proactive Asset Performance Management
  • Cyber Security
  • Process Automation Control System
  • Factory Automation System
  • Safety System
  • Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Works
  • Products Distribution in various Industrial Automations products such as SCADA & Telemetry, PLC & RTU, Instrumentations, Valves, Analyzer, Fingerprint Identification System
  • Engineering & Consultancy works
  • Maintenances & Servicing works

Our solutions and services give you the flexibility to decide between having us support you as the main contractor for your entire control system or specific specialist assignments in design, management, supply or commissioning of real-time control and safety systems.

Your path towards better performance and operational excellence shall be fast-tracked by our team of highly trained professionals in IT & OT Integration, system & technical integration, software development, project management, analysis, electrical and instrumentation works and more.

Large, Qualified & Competent Team back by our Corporate Value


With a capable workforce of more than 300 dedicated and experienced professionals, the PC Group of Companies delivers on its commitment with professionalism. This commitment is backed by our annual talent development and training programmes for our people at every stage of their careers.

150 members of the PC Group of Companies’ team, comprising qualified engineers and technicians are regularly assessed. They are armed with a range of experience and accreditation across various sectors including Functional Safety IEC61511, BOSIET (Basic Offshore Safety Introduction and Emergency Training), PCS7, Project Management, Profibus & Profinet, application servers, Intouch for SP, Historian, Historian Client, workflow and Optimization (including MES Operation, Performance and Quality). Hence, the PC Group of Companies offers business leadership and technical bench strength.

Breadth of Expertise 


With deep experience across all major automation / digital transformation software and hardware brands in the market, we work closely with our customers to choose the most suitable technologies for their business needs. We accommodate the integration with a range of systems and platforms.

We offer expertise in scale and scope that enables us to accelerate project completion skillfully. We are able to offer this because of our unique combination of both in-house expertise and reliable external resources. In this way, customers spend less time managing resources and projects and far more time focusing on their critical business needs.

Proven & Mature Project Management Methodology 


We understand that not every manufacturing facility has the bandwidth to manage an entire project. That is why we are here to make this process as easy and as stress-free as possible. We believe that collaboration with our customers and a commitment to managing the project is critical in delivering success and great results. Our Project Execution methodology is deeply embedded in our quality control system and this guides our engineers towards successful project execution.

Driven by Innovation  


At the PC Group of Companies, our creative and versatile experts are committed to continuous improvement. We have distilled the lessons learned from working on thousands of process control projects and created a streamlined solution. We are driven to provide ‘total innovation’ in developing truly state-of-the-art solutions and services. This commitment is backed by a deep understanding of the latest technologies and skills needed to innovate and integrate.

Strategic Partnership  


We believe that the foundation of a successful project lies in how customer value is defined. It is our mission to support our customers in every way possible. We have established strategic partnerships with our customers by leveraging expertise on both sides, providing innovative, value-added solutions to enhance our partnerships in every way.

Continuous Improving 


We regularly solicit feedback from internal and external audits, customer audits and project reviews to help us in identifying opportunities for improvement. At the PC Group of Companies, we are continuously looking at ways to improve our services and processes.