At the PC Group of Companies, we believe a true high-performance organisational culture provides a company with its single greatest source of competitive advantage. The right culture inspires people to go the extra mile driven, with a clear understand of their challenges, responsibilities and priorities. Therefore, your performance is the most important factor in determining your opportunities within the PC Group of Companies.

We believe that a high-performance culture has two central characteristics:

  • Each person is unique. We respect and value the differences and the potent combination of character, values, rituals and beliefs which make our work meaningful and rewarding;
  • Each person helps foster the agreed set of behaviours. We are passionate in encouraging a consistent pattern of behaviour. The PC Group of Companies believes strongly in developing all employees to orient themselves outward and focus on customers and stakeholders. We drive a “think like owners” attitude to take personal responsibility for overall business performance and handle things professionally (Professional) and to “walk the talk” all the time (Integrity). We want all employees to love their work (Enthusiasm),  foster solidarity (Teamwork) and be open to change (Innovation).

We recognise the people who are able to deliver results against agreed business objectives.