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2015 Beyond SCADA & Mobility Conference

5th November 2015, join us at Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur, Glenmarie for our Beyond SCADA & Mobility Conference organized by our partner, CTI Resources. Find out what will happen in Game Changer!

We will show you how the new CitectSCADA 2015 is Schneider Electric most scalable & robust release in years! With across-the-board performance improvements, new functionality and enhancements to the upgrade process, learn on how to unlock the true value of your process data!

Just a single & direct upgrade, numerous Cicode functions are re-instated and upgrade documentation has been completely revamped. New CitectSCADA2015 support Windows 8, Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware Workstation & vSphere as well as visualized Environments.

Unlocking even more value!
Empower operators with insightful process data on the go.

Analyse your CitectSCADA data anywhere, anytime & from any device with Wonderware SmartGlance.

Go Mobile with CitectSCADA plus SmartGlance 

Wonderware®SmartGlance provides real-time access to process data, report and KPIs via mobile smart phones and tablets. The powerful custom reporting and analytical tools help users view their own data in rich graphical format, allowing them to interact with their data, collaborate with others and take action – all from their mobile device.

Go mobile with CitectSCADA plus SmartGlance, View, analyse and collaborate around your most important data anywhere, anytime and from any device.

  • Extend operational awareness
  • Make faster and better decisions
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Reduce operational costs and improve productivity

Want to give it a try? Download the SmartGlance Mobile Application from your favourite App Store and install it on to your mobile device to view sample reports and explore the product. Watch here from YouTube to find out Wonderware SmartGlance Mobile App Intro.

Transforming Alarm Data into Actionable insights

Get the Right Advice and Improve Operator Efficiency

Wonderware Alarm Adviser is web-based alarm analysis software that helps you discover nuisance alarms in the process system through interactive visual analysis. It enables engineers to identify trends within historic data, assess alarm system performance and discover the root cause(s) of abnormal situations in the plant.

It gives engineers a complete overview of the plant and allows them to monitor the health of the plant on a regular basis.