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Streamline, Automate, Optimize 

Use big data to transform how you do business

Today onshore & offshore automation has become a necessity in digitizing many critical processes to have a safer operation, sustained productivity improvement, and substantial cost reductions efforts.  

Automation can optimize end to end supply chain, workforce deployment and assets management such as with digital business process workflow allowing faster approvals, handover and compliance checks; A mobile tablet use to replace paper checklist, and manual allowed you to have the ability to capture a wealth of data in real-time.  

In PC Group of companies, our extensive experiences in the process control system help you to automate your critical plantneeds by enabling remote monitoring capabilities and improving plant operation visibility. With the enormous data available, we help you to translate the massive volume of data into powerful insights to make critical business decisions.

Process Control & Safety System Solution  

We offer a complete Integrated Control and Safety System (ICSS) to countermeasure crucial hazardous critical plant in Oil & Gas and Chemical Plant. Our automation experience ranging from Device layer (I/O Panel Instrumentation), PLC Automation and Process Control, HMI and Operator Interface, SCADA & Telemetry, Edge Gateway & Communication. It is a solution that combine the elements of Process Control and Process Industrial Safety System into a single architecture cater to critical hazardous plant.

Our Expertise: 

  • Process Shutdown 
  • Emergency Process Shutdown System  
  • Process Control SCADA System  
  • System Migration Service (Partial / Complete) 
  • Control Panel Solution  

Valve & Instruments Solution  

Portfolio in Total Valve & Instruments on engineering works, installation support and commissioning in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Chemical industries. We are experience in providing complete engineering and supply of process instrumentation and analytical instrumentation to support on plant facility monitoring and control needs. We provide a full range of products such as valves, sensors, detection system which cater for different application in the field.

Our Expertise: 

  • Engineering and Supply of Valves  
  • Commissioning & Decommissioning 
  • Valve & Instrument Maintenances 
  • Valve Calibration Service  
  • Valve, Actuators & Instruments Fitting Selection  
  • In House Quality Assurance with pre-delivery inspection  
  • Consultation & Project Management Service  

Valve & Instruments Maintenance  

A full range of maintenance include dismantling, overhaul, replacement and commissioning in valve & instruments available in your facility. We provide the accuracy of the plants’ industrial valves and instruments according to relevant standard. We are always ready to support customer’s requirements with our capabilities to provide maintenance, upgrade, repair on any malfunctioning type of equipment.

Our Expertise: 

Valve & Instruments Calibration Service 

  • Instrument calibration  
  • Instrument repair & troubleshooting  
  • Plant maintenance and shut-down calibration work  

Valve Repair & Testing  

  • In house expertise to support valve, actuator and positioner for repair and testing in our workshop.  
  • Ensure top valve performance  

Turn your Digital Transformation into Opportunity

Unified Operations Centre (UOC)

  • Real-Time Operational Performance Management to reduce silos IT & OT systems
  • Centralized view to help make informed decisions
  • End-to-end operational visibility across facilities
  • Improve safety & operational efficiency

Intelligent Energy Management Dashboard

  • Maximize Energy Efficiency and Reliability
  • Reduce energy consumption in production operations and optimize equipment performance
  • To help Power critical facilities maximizing uptime
  • To help Energy-intensive process achieve operational efficiency

Asset Performance Management

  • Reliability-based Maintenance
  • Align Maintenance Strategy with business strategy
  • Asset performance measurement & reduce risk, rank and manage asset investments
  • Increase overall plant uptime & ensure plant operates at or below annual budget levels

Industrial Cybersecurity

  • Protect against ransomware and sophisticated cyberattack in real-time
  • Secure IT & OT industrial control system security systems
  • Eliminate security blindspot