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Digitally transform your Water Operations 

Deliver a safer, reliable and efficient service to your users 

Digital Transformation plays a significant role in the water supply chain as it is crucial to ensure the reliability and quality of supply to meet demands.  Are you still facing “Silo” Systems, poor visibility of the water value chain? Do you want to get your current systems to communicate more effectively and have a real-time informed decision?  Today, water operators can capitalize on digital technologies to transform their business by integrating and visualizing all available data in context, be it operations, process, engineering, maintenance, and financial data to unlock the greater value across the entire value chain.

Industries Experiences:

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Water Distribution
  • Waste Water
  • Sewage Plant
  • DI Water
  • RO Water

Power your Digital Transformation with endless possibilities

Unified Command Centre (UCC)

  • Real-Time Operational Performance Management to reduce silos IT & OT systems 
  • Centralized view to help make informed decisions 
  • End-to-end operational visibility across facilities 
  • Improve safety & operational efficiency

Water Network Management

Water Network Management manage water supply networks to puts you in control to simulate with real-time intelligence on operational performance. It allows you to provide the option to pro-actively simulate the impact of changes and forecast the behavior in water distribution network. This is to design and plan to meet the future demands, avoid bottlenecks and comply with the regulation as well as reduce the operating costs.  

  • Water Quality 
  • Pressure Optimization  
  • Pump & Reservoir Optimization  
  • Leak Detection  

Asset Performance Management

  • Reliability-based Maintenance 
  • Align Maintenance Strategy with business strategy 
  • Asset performance measurement & reduce risk, rank and manage asset investments 
  • Increase overall plant uptime & ensure plant operates at or below annual budget levels

Industrial Cybersecurity

  • Protect against ransomware and sophisticated cyberattack in real-time
  • Secure IT & OT industrial control system security systems
  • Eliminate security blindspot