IT & OT Integration

Smart Factory IT / OT Integration, IOT in manufacturing Malaysia

Industry 4.0 pushes many industries to become more competitive and aggressive as technology progresses. The Internet of Things (IoT) and the digital transformation have brought the need for the businesses across all industry to collect actionable data from their assets, processes, and products.

This requires the connection between the OT (Operational Technology) that involves industrial and factory automation, supply chain management and asset monitoring; and IT (Information Technology), that embraces business process and office automation, enterprise web and mobile applications.

However, OT systems often lack the maturity of IT systems management in terms of enterprise availability, security, governance, and transparency as it is focus on internal and operational processes. Many OT systems still use simple passwords for ease of use and do not keep current with software upgrades.

Put your worries away as we have the capability to support IT/OT integration efforts and meet your requirements. We can help you improve your production or manufacturing quality and performance whilst simultaneously reducing costs and improving response time.