Maintenance &

We are ISO 9001:2019 (2015) certified and specialized involved maintenance in Process Control Instrumentation, Valves, Analyzer, Instrument Servicing & Calibration and on-site and in-house valve servicing inclusive of re-conditioning, replacement of parts, testing & calibration.

We offer a team of personnel suitably qualified to manage, engineer and support the proposed system / project throughout its life-cycle. Support can be provided 24 hours, 365 days a year on a contractual basis. Although the prime function is to maintain and support the proposed control and safety systems, the scope of service can be extended to the analysis of operational data, incentives for improved safety and efficiency, design and technical consultancy as well as quality initiatives.

Instrument Team

We are registered on Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri dan Hal Ehwal Pengguna as an only authorized service partner in Malaysia for Tanker Management and Custody Transfer. Our SIRIM is tracible to NML (National Metallurgical Laboratory) SIRIM and the authorized as a service partner to provide calibrations, service work on measuring system and components which belong to the measuring system from company Flow Instruments & Engineering GmbH on:

  • Flow Measuring System Types  
  • Flowcom 2000 and Flowcom 3000 for liquify O2, N2, LAR, CO2, N2O, Propane / Butane and LNG (Methane)

Our pressure calibration ranging from the vacuum as low of 0.1Bar A and gauge pressure to 700 barG. We use temperature calibration utilizing meteorology well and dry block technology to ensure delivery 35’c and capped at 600’c. Loop calibrator as we possess the latest equipment for varies communication protocol as HART, Brain or PDA. Well, other capabilities calibration includes:  

  • Current to the Pressure transmitter 
  • Alarm units/isolator units 
  • Pressure switches/transducers 
  • Controller / indicators 
  • Load cell/weight balancer 
  • Recorders 
  • Level measurement (continuous and point) 
  • Flow transmitter 

Analytical Team

Our well-trained team provide a total analytical solution for Central Fueling Management of technical gases, loading facilities on tank truckcalibration service, and railroad tank car loading for liquefied industrial gases by carrying out onsite support of commissioning, start-up, troubleshooting and maintenance for the environment.

Our qualified team have the experience in providing Valve Maintenance on Plant control system and plant instrumentations. 

We are looking for customers who are keen to shift their focus to the management of their core competencies while developing partnerships with key specialist service providers like us. Whether it is getting it right from the start, solving an urgent problem or meeting a looming deadline, by outsourcing your engineering needs you are able to: 

  • Reduce and control your operating cost,  
  • Focus on core competencies,  
  • Establish a close working relationship resulting in more efficient project delivery; and  
  • Align your interests with us by sharing in risks and rewards  

We are committed to delivering peace of mind and confidence to our clients by outsourcing their engineering needs and making us an instrumental part of your engineering team. We are committed to embracing your projects with the same enthusiasm, commitment and care that you do. 

Valve Team

Our valve team carry out field on-site service and in-house valve servicing for the various brand valve in the market inclusive of overhaul valves & actuator, positioner re-conditioning, replacement of parts, testing & calibration. 

Valued service for valve inspection as an improvement for: 

  • Customer ROI by extending the valve life cycle 
  • Uptime with fewer unexpected failure 
  • Production   reliability   with a systematic maintenance program 
  • The efficiency with better maintenance planning