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Fresh Look and More Convenient Office

After 31 years we are proudly announcing PC Group has a newly renovated collaborative office. Collaborative Workspace is the concept of PC Group’s new look. Open workspace environment a must-have for any modern office nowadays. With technologies continue to envolve, our workspaces will envolve as well.  With centralized PC Group operations can encourage all levels of staff to communicate and sit together to work in a collaborative environment. Having this concept can boost creativity, innovation, and productivity of the staff.

The new PC new look provides news spaces for meeting rooms, flexibility, and a variety of places, flexible seating, bigger pantry with a view as well as leisure activities for the staff. This encourages all staff to be motivated and creative in their own ways and also a great way for PC managements to work in a collaborative environment. Not only that, open concept, may also encourage casual collisions among people who might never normally run into each other. Hence everyone gets a chance to know each other.

More to come with PC Group.