Stafsjö’s MP – the eighth knife gate valve generation

The MP is a bi-directional full bore valve which together with its special shut-off design makes it suitable for many different applications – it is a true Multi-Purpose valve.

MP has a one-piece body design in stainless steel. For operation reliability in applications with corrosive or clogging media, the valve body comes with integrated purge ports as standard. The MP is also supplied with Stafsjö’s retainer ring system which can be combined with several seat materials and this makes it easy to optimize the valve to specific process conditions. It also offers smooth and cost-efficient maintenance. The valve has gate support and cast bottom support cams to obtain bi-directional sealing. The gate support is available in different materials.

The top work consists of aluminium beams and stainless steel tie rods which gives good corrosion resistance and stability at manoeuvring. Several actuator types are available to choose from as standard as well as accessories. All remotely operated valves are supplied with gate guards in stainless steel.

Stafsjo - MP Precision Control