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YNY Technology and Linde Plc Exclusive Partnership Agreement

We are pleased to announce YNY Technology has signed an exclusively partnership agreement with Linde Plc. Linde plc is the world’s largest industrial gas and engineering company, employing approximately 80,000 people and delivers innovative, sustainable solutions to customers in more than 100 countries. Linde’s success is seen throughout the world in its focus on air separation plants as well as olefin, natural gas, hydrogen and synthesis gas plants.

YNY Technology Sdn Bhd, an MSC status company, to provide industrial customers with a complete digital transformation experience. Its solution portfolio covers from Beyond SCADA, Advance Data Analytics, Proactive Assest Performances Management, Cybersecurity and Business Process workflow.

The merging of Linde’s wealth of experience in operational excellence and optimization, with YNY’s digital transformation expertise, gives rise to Linde YNY Sdn Bhd. The joint venture is to develop cloud solutions for an integrated platform architecture to empowers plant’s process operation and maintenance lifecycle. Linde YNY seamlessly integrates traditional industrial environments with Industrial IoT, Data Analytics, Predictive and other advanced digital technologies, serving regional customers on their plant transformation initiatives.

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