Project Management is a valuable and key strength of the PC Group of Companies. We bring a range of value-added benefits that when combined with our expertise, experience and technical ability, offer a differentiated one-stop solution.

From electrical construction through to subcontractor management, our project managers offer execution excellence – expediting, documenting and inspecting as needed to guarantee successful execution and completion of all projects.

We have deep experience in handling both complex and simple projects in the engineering field, specifically in the following areas:

Project Execution

Once project planning is complete and resources have been allocated, our engineers will move the project to the execution phase. PC Group adopt good practice from the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification. Therefore, we are well experience in demonstrate and expertise in specialized area of accessing and identify project progression and manage project risks in professional ways.

We also offer one stop Electrical & Instrumentation Installation Services to our main contractors and customers. With more than 27 years of experience, our expertise and capabilities able to coordinate different parties in a project. As we understand, it is important to know the prior execution in order to get the proper bonding for other parties to get a project to complete. Thus, we offer comprehensive integrated EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning) solutions serving customers with ground safety qualification, financial capabilities and staffing resources as a reliable supporting role to our main contractors.

In the new era of Industry 4.0 and digital transformation, our software engineer team practice Agile Project Management technique. In order to adapt rapid changes, our team required to react fast in this changing market, they tend to focus on delivering maximum value against business priorities in requirements, time and budget. An agile methodology comes into the picture to have a step-by-step approach that minimizes the risks with the involvement of reasonable small costs and after every step, we will align the project with the business goal. It is an effective way of managing costs and obtains results even in the midst of complexity.


Our project management approach is validated by ISO 9001 certification. This certification defines the requirements for managing change throughout the entire standard, leaving us focusing on providing value-added services.

Planning is the fundamental discipline emphasized across the entire ISO 9001 standard. With our project managers’ expertise, we consider all project requirements when establishing the design and development plan (D & D plan) with the commensurate level of detail and complexity needed.

Quality Control

Project Quality Management activities serve to ensure that projects move ahead and meet specifications according to plan.

Our mission is to ensure the quality, scheduling and cost requirements are met at the requisite stages of a given project. At the PC Group, we combine both Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to provide a comprehensive project quality management system.


Additionally, by providing on-going in-service inspections, we are able to confirm consistent quality throughout the project for any integrated inspection service.


We also conduct acceptance testing to ensure the requirements of a specification or contract are met and that non-conformities do not get through the supply chain. These tests which include FAT ( Final Acceptance Testing), SAT (Site Acceptance Testing) and SIT (System Integration Testing) all reduce the risk of project failure, cost overruns or project schedule impact.


  • FAT: a factory acceptance test of equipment at the vendor’s workshop;
  • SIT: a factory or site test of complete equipment packages which involve both hardware and software control systems; and
  • SAT: a tool to determine the functionality of equipment and to check relevant documentation that happens at the user site before its installation.

Site Management

PC Group site management involves a team of engineers with diverse specialties in Electrical and Instrumentation working on design as well as managing all engineers and subcontractors.


Our team’s site management skills include:


  • Managing site investigations;
  • Coordinating temporary works;
  • Verifying safe working practices for contractors and engineers;
  • Developing engineering documentation including schedules and datasheets;
  • Inspecting conditions to ensure adherence to client-specified standards; and
  • Managing budgets and resources on programs in order to achieve targets and budgets.