Our industrial domain knowledge & experiences in industrial automation communication protocols allow us to integrate and develop IIoT solutions while utilizing the manufacturing/plant facility sector existing hardware.

We work closely with our strategic partners and internal experience engineers to develop solutions that meet customer requirements in a fast-paced, collaborative environment.

IIoT Software Development

We have a full stack of developers with a depth of experiences in developing applications through the changing trends & demand in Industry 4.0 & digital transformation era. We are well versed in the modernization of control systems or designing the applications from scratch. We work with you to gather your business requirements and provide a recommendation based on an in-depth understanding of your needs.

We use open source technology platforms for our database applications, which are secure and widely supported. We can develop from the ground up database implementations that include database design, implementation, database implementation, testing & performance tuning, data integration from other sources, and maintenance.

Software & Enterprise System Integration

Software & Enterprise System Integration is the process of connecting existing systems to share and communicate information. We are well versed in developing connectivity solutions via IoT protocols such as MQTT to transmit real-time data from field devices such as PLC & RTU to the  SCADA systems and Analytics systems. This provides a further level of support for our customers in terms of their complex business/plant process automation and data integration needs. 

Our framework enables us to provide either a hosted on-premises or cloud solution. If you have existing software in place, we help you leverage your existing software by extending them with modern technologies, whether these are for web or mobile applications