With increased system complexity and customization of solutions, you may require varying levels of technical maintenance.PC Group offers a range of technical maintenance services and after-service support to ensure always-on availability on electrical, instrumentation and control system maintenance needs.

We offer continuous maintenance, repair and replacement services across a range of process instruments, plant maintenance, shut down calibration work, software solutions and products. These maintenance and support services connect you with our top experts, the best tools and consistent maintenance services. In turn, you are able to maximize the lifecycle of your automation hardware, software and electrical distribution.

Calibration Service

We are equipped with more than 50 varieties of calibrator and testing equipment. The PC Group is able to perform calibration of most types of field and panel instruments available in the market. The accuracy and integrity of calibration certification reflect the validity and credibility of calibration. It indicates that the general requirements for calibration performed in Test and Measurement Equipment have been met  and it includes tests by third-party laboratories. All our calibrating equipment is regularly checked and certified by the Accredited Calibration Laboratory.

Instrument Service

Our team consists of certified Field Service Professionals. We offer a comprehensive instrument maintenance service which includes calibration, repair and troubleshooting services for process instruments, plant maintenance and shut down calibration work.

We recommend that customers conduct periodic maintenance to ensure worry-free instrument operations and minimal downtime. We also provide site installation, FAT, SAT, Commissioning on the instruments and contract services including 24×7 standby services.

Valve Service

We are the ASP (Authorized Service Provider) for Metso valves in Malaysia.


We have acquired a wealth of experience in overhauling every type of valve from various industries in both industrial and commercial installations. We understand well that all valves are stripped to their most basic form, need to be cleaned correctly and inspected to ensure they work as expected. Our expertise in valve overhaul and repairs ensure that your valves and equipment run safely and cost-effectively.


We carry out on-site and in-house valve servicing which includes re-conditioning, replacement of parts, testing and calibration. Under ISO/IEC 17025, we are accredited in safety valve testing.

Gas Analytical Service

We are the Authorized Service Lab for Teledyne Analytical Instruments (TAI) in South East Asia.


Our expertise includes providing complete field service to carry out on-site and in-house calibration of gas analyzers. Using digital test instruments and self-contained equipment, our team tests, calibrates, repairs orifices, rotary, turbine and diaphragm meters.


We also have the skill to ensure your Electronic Flow Measurement (EFM) is healthy.


The most reliable method to determine certain gas quality parameters is the on-site test which our team is well-equipped to conduct. Our team can run the length of stain test which quantifies a vast array of compounds that could occur in a natural gas stream.

Maintenance Program

Through field service maintenance and support, our engineers provide an audit or a corrective maintenance program. In this way, they help repair or replace faulty equipment that may have failed unexpectedly on site.


We have the experience in providing Valve Maintenance on Plant Control System and Plant Instrumentations with: 

  • Preventive maintenance; 
  • Standby Maintenance with engineers for troubleshooting; 
  • 24 hours support on contractual basis; 
  • Calibration; 
  • Checking verification and troubleshooting; 
  • Monitor and recommend replenishment / replacement. 

Our team is available to provide these maintenance activities through a contract and non-contract arrangement. Our scheduled maintenance programs can be tailored to support your specific equipment requirements and fit your operational demands. Besides, we believe every completed project is a new beginning. Our engineers are always on hand to assist our customers with any question about automation or the control system in the manufacturing plant.