1. Application

This is the first step in the process. It gives you an opportunity to tell us about yourself, highlight your achievements and goals.

2. Review

Our resume review takes approximately two weeks to complete. If your credentials are a match with our requirements, we will contact you after this is done to arrange an interview.

3. Phone Interviews

We’re eager to know you a little better. Phone interviews are generally 20 minutes long.

4. Assessment

Before our face to face interview sessions, we conduct assessments (30 minutes) which help us determine if the PC Group of Companies is a good fit for you.

5. Interviews

At this stage, we get to know you better and provide you an opportunity to ask questions or clarify your doubts.

6. Offer

Congratulations!  You’ve been selected. We look forward to welcoming you to the PC Group of Companies.


business unit career

Business Unit (BU)

This is a profit-making centre whose prime focus is to segment the market and enhance the product / engineering / service offerings of the company.

management job opportunity

Management Unit (MU)

This unit is responsible for governance, management and administration of the organisation.  It’s activities include setting the organisational strategy and  coordinating the efforts of its employees to accomplish these objectives with the aid of available resources.

pc group execution unit

Execution Unit (EU)

This unit is responsible for the planning, design, development and implementation of projects. It is responsible for delivering superior services to fulfill customer needs and expectations.

If you wish to seek employment with PC Group, but there is
no suitable vacancies yet, you could deposit your résumé here.